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Building Bluewater

Get ready for an exciting journey as the Hangloose Bluewater team take you behind the scenes to witness the incredible process of building one of Europe’s most impressive Adventure Centres. From England’s Longest Zipline and Europe’s Biggest Giant Swing to the UK’s only Outdoor Skydive Machine, they are working hard to make this dream a reality. Adding even more thrills and spills over the coming year, Hangloose Bluewater offers a truly unique experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Come join us for an unbelievable journey as we create something extraordinary!

Building Skywire – England’s longest Zipline

Building the Giant Swing – Europe’s Biggest Swing

Installing the UK’s Only Outdoor Skydive Machine

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Once planning is complete, we can provide specialist building services. Leveraging years of experience, we provide all the necessary protocols and processes to meet budgets and timeframes.
From our base in the Cotswolds, UK, we use reliable, high-quality and sustainable components and practices to ensure that your final adventure centre meets every expectation for you and your customers into the future.
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