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Outdoor Climbing Walls

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Outdoor Climbing Walls For Kids

Hangloose Adventure Eden is home to 12 new and exciting climbing wall experiences. Whether your child is 4 or 14, they’ll be able to clip right in and reach for the sky.

With carefully constructed rock climbing wall challenges that promotes confidence-building, balance training, decision-making skills – plus a healthy dose of fun thrown into the mix – climbing in Cornwall just got a lot better. Witnessing their joy when they finally make it to the top just can’t be beat; now those are memories worth cherishing!



Minimum Age: 4 Years

Maximum Age: 14 Years



Minimum Weight: 15KG / 2 STONE 5LB

 Maximum Weight: 120kg / 18 STONE 12LB

Children on the climbing wall at hangloose adventure eden

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Let your kids explore a new world as they ascend our vibrant, captivating Cornwall clip and climb walls for kids.

Our custom-designed kids climbing walls will challenge your children’s agility and coordination as they ascend to new heights. With colourful designs, Cornwall’s exciting rock climbing experience is sure to keep your little adventurers entertained. Reaching monumental heights to witness stunning views overlooking the Eden project. Spend an unforgettable time at Eden and soak up all that outdoor rock-climbing walls for kids has to offer.

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Kids Climbing Wall

Climb to the top and create amazing memories- whether you choose a solo expedition or take an adventurous group, climbing encourages both cooperation and friendship.

It’s also perfect for families and friends as everyone enjoys this epic outdoor kids rock climbing experience. Cornwall climbing is taken to a whole new level with the neighbouring wonderful Eden project, offering beautiful views for those who reach great heights. Children have a blast on the ropes and scale amazing structures right before your eyes. Foster a sense discovery in your child as they scale our thrilling children’s rock climbing walls, growing their independence while finding their love for outdoor adventures!

A girl climbing on the climbing wall at hangloose eden
Kids climbing on the hangloose climbing wall at the eden project
Kid smiling on the climbing wall at hangloose adventure
Hangloose Eden Illustration Climb Activity

Adventurer FACTS

Hangloose facts, man on climbing wall

12 challenges

Hangloose facts, clock graphic

45 minute experience

Hangloose Facts, Height Comparison

7m tall walls

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Experiences by over 650 climbers

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