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Hangloose has unveiled the UK’s first ever outdoor skydive experience, right here in Kent!  Our partnership with Aerodium, world leaders in custom-made outdoor skydiving wind tunnels, has made it possible for you to encounter this rare activity experience.
Hangloose and Aerodium are taking outdoor skydiving experiences near London to a whole new level! Learn to skydive without the height and cost of jumping out of a plane. Have you ever seen an action packed flight film scene? The secret to shooting such amazing scenes is wind tunnel skydiving! Well-known action stars like Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan have tested and approved Aerodium’s specialised skydive machines. Get ready to be amazed by the magic behind the movies, with our outdoor skydive in kent!
Hangloose offers many ways to enjoy your Bluewater skydive, including solo skydiving, group discounts, and under 12 offers.

Adventurer Facts

4 x longer than a traditional skydive
Equivalent of 40,000 ft free fall
Fly up to 33 feet high
Jackie Chan approved

Skydive Prices


Feel the rush of adrenaline with two minutes in our skydiving machine – four times longer than a standard freefall!


Experience the ultimate rush of adrenaline with ‘ENJOY’ – a stunning 4-minute experience amongst Bluewater’s natural landscape.


Ready to master the skies? With our ‘LEARN’ option, you’ll have six exhilarating minutes, plus feedback on how to take your skills soaring!

Skydive Tickets

Adventure Vouchers Coming Soon!

Under 12s

Under 12’s can save with our discounted rates! Combine fun and affordability for an unforgettable experience. Get your skydiving tickets now!

Saves 20%


Saves 46%


Saves 50%


Experienced Team

Free On-site Parking

Viewing Area

Free Lockers

Outdoor Skydiving London

Whether you’ve had skydiving lessons before or you’re completely new to the activity, there’s a level of enjoyment for everyone. Being the only outdoor wind tunnel experience in the UK, it differs from a traditional free fall skydive. Presenting an alternative landscape compared to an indoor skydiving experience.
Our qualified skydive instructors will get you kitted up in our awesome skydive flight suits, before embarking on your activity experience. Choose ‘TRY’ for a two minute session on our skydiving fan machine – this is four times longer than a standard freefall! ‘ENJOY’ provides 4 minutes of thrill as you float amongst Bluewater’s nature. Think you can master this skydiving adventure? Then choose ‘LEARN’ where you’ll experience 6 x 1 minute flights and feedback on how to master the art of flying. What’s even better is our skydive near Kent is only 35 minutes from the O2 London Arena– so try, enjoy or learn something new!


Minimum Age: 4YRS

All children under the age of 16yrs must be accompanied by an adult (18+ yrs) on site


Minimum Weight: 2okg

Maximum Weight: 12okg

Media Pack + Photographers

Extras for the skydive machine

Want to look back on all the action of your simulated freefall? Choose the skydive media pack at checkout to capture your skydiving experience. Get a media wristband on arrival to scan before your flight. By the end of your experience, your skydiving footage will be uploaded ready for you to download via your unique QR code!
Want to enhance your outdoor skydiving memories? You will have the chance to upgrade to a professional skydive package, where you will be photographed mid flight by our specialist photographers. Every second captured! Share these digital, high quality images online and show off on your social media, as the true master of the skies!


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