Things to do on Valentine’s Day

Posted On February 1, 2020

The day of romance is coming around again, whether you are sharing it with a partner, boyfriend/girlfriend or even your best friends, there is still the question of what to do?

Do you go watch a movie, dine in a fancy restaurant, celebrate with a romantic night in with rose petals and candles or do you avoid all the cliché’s and do something to remember?

This is where we come in. Below are 10 ideas for things to do on Valentine’s Day to suit a range of budgets including our “Tandem Skywire”, fly headfirst side by side on England’s longest and fastest Skywire!

  1. Hangloose Adventure: For an adventurous day come and visit Hangloose where you will be able to fly next to each other down our Skywire. Swing side by side on the 20m cliff swing plus many more activities to make an unforgettable day. Book Now!
  2. A day at the Aquarium: Go beneath the oceans at the Plymouth National Marine Aquarium, the largest aquarium in England, with your significant others. Marvel at the differ colours and varieties of plants and animals. Don’t miss the water tunnel where you can walk right underneath the turtles and sharks. You can even book a valentine’s dinner.
  3. A day at the Zoo: for any animal lovers a visit to the zoo is always a good day. You can even opt to be zookeeper for the day where you can see up close how the animals are looked after and fed. Going to the Zoo has been proven to be a date where the most amount of communication happens.
  4. A night under the stars: Depending on your budget you can create an evening picnic with a fire, champagne and chocolates with the stars to set the mood or you can opt to spend a night in a luxury glamping pod with a skylight window to let the starlight in.
  5. A wintery walk: Find some new mountains or forests for a scheduled hike to escape reality. Bonus points if the hike includes lakes, lagoons or even a cosy traditional pub at the end.
  6. Car thrills experience: Take to the tracks in a range of supercars and even opt for a passenger seat experience with a professional driver. You can also opt for Rally experience options to.
  7. Spa days – Take the day to relax either at your favourite spa or try a new one. Indulge in a private jacuzzi session or opt for a couple’s massage.
  8. Theatre – Book front row seats for your favourite show and have a night out at the opera.
  9. Weekend break – Book a two-night break to escape “normal life”. To make it extra special add flowers, chocolates and champagne to the room.
  10. Go back to where you first met – Take a trip down memory lane and take your significant others to where it all began, if that is a relationship or friendship.

There’re so many things to do Valentine’s Day in Cornwall – no excuses!