Whether you are building a new team, rewarding the team, boosting morale or getting to know clients or suppliers better, a corporate team building event can be just what it takes.

Celebrate, learn and collaborate as a team

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Breath-taking outdoor team building activities

Whether you are looking to bring a team closer together, revel in recent successes, or bond with clients and suppliers, Hangloose offers one of the country’s most rewarding team-building adventure experiences. Our dedicated teams are here to work with you to build enjoyable, challenging and rewarding team-building events that combine thrill-seeking fun with mental testing games. 


Our expert adventure teams help make corporate away days and fun team building events as organised, safe and exciting as possible. From booking your day right through to maximising your time in the adventure, we offer a comprehensive service that ensures that you and your team have the best time. 

Sit back and let us deal with the detail; we're here to make you look good.

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Make your day complete from start to finish

Our sites are located in unique parts of the country, surrounded by a wide variety of restaurants, bars and other adventures. Through our tailored planning processes, we can help create a memorable team-building adventure day suited to you. So if you would like to zip-line in the morning and have a slap-up meal in the afternoon or ease into your day, we are here to make the day special for you and your team.

Jane Williams Club Secretary


Six of us from The Liskeard Constitutional Club took on the Zip Wire challenge yesterday and wanted to thank you all for the wonderful experience!  I have to say that I was an extremely nervous great grandmother at the ‘take off’ site,  however the young lady and guy were very patient, encouraging and helpful and didn’t rush me at all.

The members of The Liskeard Constitutional Club choose a charity to support each year and this time round it’s the Cornwall Air Ambulance.  At the moment donations have reached £1800.00 with money still coming in. We also have lots more fund raising activities going on throughout the year.

I’ve taken the opportunity to attach a couple of photos which we’d be happy for you to share of you so wish.

Once again we had a great time and thank you for your professionalism and you never know we may be back!!

Jane Williams
Club Secretary

Via email.