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Virtual Reality Filming

VR Extreme Filming

We are undertaking a new and exciting venture with the brilliant and very talented Soundview Media to bring modern technology and the outdoors together. How you may ask? By creating our very own virtual reality experience. You will want to look up, down and pretty much anywhere you can to capture every detail of our activities. Our staff team have had a lot of enjoyment testing out the demo by either experiencing a complete loss of time, space and reality in the virtual world or by standing back and laughing at each other’s expressions!

You however will not have to be worried about being watched at if you want to come on down and experience our virtual activities as we will be building state of the art reality suites with fully rotational chairs for you to enjoy the experience in a safe and private area. We are continuing to film a selection of our activities this week using a variety of equipment. We hope the sun will be out! If all is good the video developments will continue until we have a fully virtual Hangloose Adventure. I can’t wait to see how the filming goes.