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New Attractions for 2017

Vertigo 360 Swing | Cornwall

After a long winter of building, through the cold winds and rain, we are proud to announce the opening of our two new activities. Introducing FREEFALL, the World’s first commercial fall onto an Airbag. You will be taken up to the height of a building before you are release and hurtle towards the airbag experiencing pure freefall with no ropes or bungees attached. Fancy something with a little more control try VERTIGO 360, you will be attached to one of three 10m swings. Swing as high as you dare and if you are brave enough take on the 360 loop. With three swings available you can even race your friends.

We are also introducing our brand-new dome reception. We are especially proud of the “Dome” because like the rest of our activities it was designed and built by our very own Hangloose team. Each beam is slightly different and perfectly fitted to crate the shape not to mention the winds we had to tackle to get the canvas over the top, however all the effort was worth having a dry and inviting space for both visitors and staff. We are also pleased to announce the café area, a place to sit back and relax with a beverage and snack. We even have a live T.V feed of the Skywire launch tower to watch friends and family just before they undertake their journey. After fighting the nerves and suspense our activities incite Why not visit our new shop to purchase a memento of your bravery.