SKYTREK – Aerial Trekking in Cornwall


Well, we are ALMOST there !! ... SKYTREK is progressing so fast we can barely believe it ! ... If you are going to be looking for an aerial trekking course for your children, family or yourself SKYTREK is going to be a scorcher !

It's also going to be a 'little' challenging .... but luckily there are 'back-out' platforms at various points where you can change your mind ... . it's SO exciting we just can't wait!

Brian, Tobi and Aaron ... Masters of many things!

The Skytrek build rounds a corner

'Hi' there!

up high in the building process - - doesn't really do the height justice actually ! 🙂

Coming Soon

As one of the worlds leading aerial trekking course construction companies, we finally found the time to create one for ourselves ... available at the start of season 2019, please email us for more details and we'll keep you posted.