Opening Times



Please keep an eye on our facebook feed for altered timings.

We are open 7 days a week until September. 10am to 6:30pm. -

We are then open 7 days a week until October. 10am to 6:00pm. -

We may be open later during the summer months … and will post those times on here and facebook as soon as they are published.

Please call if you are unsure.

Hangloose Adventure Opening Hours


Summer opening hours are 10am-6:00pm, with some late night sessions.


Winter opening will usually be at the weekend from 10:00-4:00pm

Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.


There are exceptions to both Summer and Winter.

We do of course, reserve the right to close for circumstances beyond our control and will do everything possible to advise those whom it may effect.

Please Note: there may be some disruption to normal operations on the following dates: