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Min age – 8 years –

Max age – there is no max age

Min weight 25-40kg (depending on ride)

Max weight 120kg

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The Drop + Big Air 


Skywire + One other Adventure


Skywire + Gravity + Big Air 


Skywire + Gravity + Big Air + The Drop 


SkyWire is England’s longest and fastest zip-wire experience!
Please Note
Suitable for anyone over 8, who also weighs more than 40kgs.
SkyWire is our most popular attraction. Participants should allow 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete the experience. This excludes waiting times which could be extensive during school holidays.


Swing into space on this 20m giant cliff swing!
Please Note
Gravity has a limited daily capacity, at busy times substantial queues are not unusual.
Weight limits are 25kg to 120kg for this activity


Release your inner stunt-man on an airbag drop of epic proportions.
Please Note
Due to the nature of this activity, the impact from the jump may exacerbate existing back or neck injuries, if you have a pre existing condition it is recommended you don’t take part.
Weight limits are 25kg to 120kg for this activity


Film your adventure !!
These amazing cases clip onto your helmet and protect your mobile phone (fits all smart phones) so you can film your whole experience on your own device and take it home with you to impress your friends !
Please Note that you will be asked to leave some form of valuable with the desk to ensure the cases’ safe return.
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